Grooving… on a Saturday night.

Well, ok, on a Saturday afternoon.

Not sure if any of you have senior citizen issues, but I was at the pharmacy checking out all the possible solutions to growing old.

This included meds for  cats who are old.

So, $101 later, I hope this stuff I picked up,  works.

If not, take the 2 cats, Jim and me out back.

The 4 of us will light up, smoke a few joints and settle into the dust.

Let’s face it.

Some of us struggle just to survive.

Well, not me, of course.

Not yet.

I am still fabulous.

I have yet to find a wrinkle in my face.

(Hey, I am blind as a bat)

I have yet to experience pain in my joints.

(That may be because I am a pain in the ass)

And I am a role model for all women over the hill.

(Bar flies live longer, as they are well preserved)

So on this Saturday, Sept 24, I carried up 20 bags up stairs, ate a half dozen perogies, a hamburber, well done, with fried onions, and a bottle of Apothetic Dark to celebrate the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

By the way, I have no idea what the hell the age of Aquarius is.

So, have a lovely Saturday night, all my friends.

I am finishing the wine, attending to the senior needs of one Puff Cat, Oh Wow Cat and the old goat, James.

I just changed into my jammies and am ready to head out to the deck, to contemplate the state of the union.

Hey, ain’t life grand?






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