Monday mornings  can be likened to a kick in the ass.

A shock to the system.

A rude awakening.

A reminder that life is not necessarily a bowl of cherries.

A return to a form of discipline and purpose.

A wake up call at 5am.

And as the minutes and hours move forward, we are carried along, striving to keep up, to multi task, to rise to the occasion, to handle the stress in a dignified way, with a final resolution, or at least a compromise.

When the working day ends, we go our separate ways.

Some to a happy home, filled with family and friends, others to a solitary existence.

So many choices, so many differences.

We end each day as we leave the work place.

No one really knows what we experience.

Not those who work with us.

Big houses.

Small apartments.


Married with children.

Single and lonely

Single and swinging.

Devoted to our passions:  family, country, pets, religion, work, wealth, health, nature, beauty, and yes, politics.

So tonight, all of us, or most of us, will be watching the presidential debates.

They say it will be more popular than the super bowl.

Wonder why.

It’s one of the other.

It’s either the Donald or Hill.

Is it the lesser of two evils?

Does it have anything to do with our beliefs?

With policies?

With our security?

With our ability to lead and to support our allies?

What about the escalating violence of our country?

Who is to blame?

The Police?

The victims?

Who really are the victims?

Can we take care of those live in poverty and hunger, in our own country?

What about our seniors, who cannot afford to eat, if they buy their medications?

And the veterans who put their lives on the line for us, and who are struggling to find their way back to health?

I don’t know about you, but I would not want to be president.

So, tonight, Donald and Hill, just be who you are, and knock off the insults.

We need to solve our problems, and to find a way to preserve our liberty.

I am hoping to finally experience some honesty in this campaign.

That is how I will make my final decision.




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