Another day.


It’s Autumn.

Let it begin.

Then stuff happened.

Bad to worse to impossible.

And beyond.

It was one of those rare September days, with blue skies and golden fields, that spoke of sunlight and happiness on the surface.

While underneath, the earth turned.

The problems escalated.

Reality turned into madness.

The last breath of sanity left my defeated body.

A raving lunatic roaming through the abyss.

Hoping for sanctuary at home, at the end of the work day.

Not gonna happen.

Hey, is there a full moon?

Or is my life just falling apart at the seams?

Settle down, my alter ego gently whispers in my ear.

Relax, meditate, self medicate, find an escape, do what is necessary to kill the pain.

Reality kicks in.

This is life.

It happens.

Experience it.

Go with the flow.

This too will pass.

One day you will reflect on these days, and forget the pain.

You will remember that you still had the ability to walk, to talk, to think, to work, to play, to eat and to love.

After all, you  and I are only here for awhile.

Our strength lies in living through these days.

Tomorrow :  We can choose to give it another shot, or to shut down, retreat and admit defeat.

Eventually, that final day will come.

But for now, I feel the blood flowing and the wind blowing and the rain clouds forming and a feeling that tells me that tomorrow will be a better day.

No guarantees, no promises, only a sense of purpose and resolve.

And that, my friends, is the human spirit.

Live while you can.

Until that final hour.



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