Decided I needed to stop tonight, for a drink

Something different, right?

Sat in the corner, losing my religion.

A young couple shows up, with a friend.

My, my, hey hey!

What a handsome dude.



He knows me?

Yikes, it’s Travis !  My neighbor, all grown up.  22 years old.

He moved out last year.

Too much drama, he says.

Got a girlfriend?

Nah. I just work, hang out with friends, and do my thing.

Being an obnoxious old goat, I had to butt into his conversation.

After a few drinks, my food arrived.

What ? What’s this?

I ordered food?

Oh damn it.  Now I have to go home and feed Jim and the kids, aka as the cats.

What a lovely evening.

Ok, maybe for me.

Home at last.

Cats are pissed.

Jim is tired.

I am Holly go Lightly.

Until tomorrow,  enjoy every minute, even if you, like me, are a PIA.





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