On the run today.

Trying to get away from reality.

Don’t stay home.

Get in the car and go.

No more talking about what happened.

No more sad stories.

No more crying.

Let me go, please, where no one knows me.

Where no one cares.

Where no one will ask me.

Where I will find a place full of families and laughter and football games and all the stuff that life is made of.

6 hours later, home.

Oh my.

Tears fell in spite of my mission.

I could not escape the reality.

People recognized me, approached me, and I had to tell them.


I have to identify the body.

Not just a body.

The body.

Oh how short life is.

If only the pain was that short.




It’s all mixed up in my head.

Hey, Jimmy!

You never did eat those new cheez it crackers.

You didn’t finish your chocolate covered raisins.

You left your new slippers in the box, never worn.

But you did tell me, each day, every day, at least 50 times a day to be careful, and that you loved me.

How sweet.

How precious.

You really were a softie, a soft hearted soul, with an Irish attitude.

If you are wondering about me, I will be ok.

And I will hold you dearly in my heart, forever.

As we let each other move on to a new phase, thank you.

My life was richer for knowing you.

Wish me the best, as I continue to live my life, wherever that leads.

I have to do it, Jim.

Life has no guarantees.

But it continues….

From that nightmare 3 nights ago, in the fog and heavy rain, speeding down the interstate, knowing you were dying, to today, a foggy and gloomy day, trying to avoid reality.

This too will pass.

But your memory will last forever.







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