How are you?

Who are you?

What has your life been like?

Has it been a bed of roses?

A struggle?

Do you have friends and/ or family, who love you unconditionally?

Do you still have dreams?

Do you take time every day to see the beauty in nature?

Is your health a factor in your every day life?

Are you happy with your status?  Single/ divorced/married/separated?

Is your happiness contingent upon the significant others in your life?

Does the world owe you a living?

Or do you find ways to give back to society?

Do you find enjoyment, in spite of hardships?

Can you take time to laugh and realize that life is such a crazy thing, and is meant to be enjoyed?

Are you rich?

And if so, what do you mean by rich?

Hey friends, another day on this planet.

We may have experienced moments that have changed our lives forever.

Are you up to the challenge?

If you are still with me, in this world, it was not your time to leave….. yet.

Until it is, let’s search for the meaning that is life.

And if we don’t find it, let’s have a hell of a good time.

After all, we are all brothers and sisters in this crazy world.

I vow, with whatever is left for me, to be there for you, if you ever need me.

We all need a purpose.

And I need all of you, to need all of me.



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