It is not a good thing to run out of your cats’ favorite food.

They will stalk you, staring, crying and acting like they are starving.

So, after a breakfast of Baileys and Coffee, to the store I ventured.

Realizing that I probably should eat, I went to one of my old haunts.

Steak please! Rare!  And mushrooms! And perogies!  And wine!

What a feast it was!

I was hungry as a bear and twice as ornery.

What a great way to break back into human kind.

Of course, I needed an after dinner drink, at 130pm, and not wanting to change my drink of choice, 2 more glasses of wine did the trick.

Home at last :  4pm.

Flowers at the door.

Very beautiful, I must say.

How lovely, but not necessary.

The past 4 years have been trying.

And the past 2 years, especially painful.

But I would do it all again, if I had the chance.

No regrets.

30 years ago, I made a promise and in spite of our ups and downs, I kept that vow.

So, I fed the cats tonight.

They were ever so grateful.

The bouquet of flowers is on the table, in full autumn foliage, and I see Puff Daddy taking an interest.

It’s ok.

After all, she spent more time with him, every day, than I did.

So life continues.

It is cloudy.

The sun went away.

I cleaned up some of the effects of the night Jim died, when the paramedics were here.

I am taking my time.

It’s ok.

I am giving myself a break.

One day at a time.

Take it easy.

Go with the flow.

Enjoy each moment.

Remember, it is all we ever have.






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