Have you ever felt immobilized?

Just not up to doing much of anything?

Feeling the need to get productive, but can’t?

Don’t want to cook, clean, get dressed…. just want to hang out with yourself and eat doughnuts and drink beer?

How ridiculous is that?

Thinking about last night, the wake, with the friends and family, here, and my friends and family in Minnesota who had their own wake, and called me to sing “Irish Eyes” or “Danny Boy”.  I really couldn’t understand what they were singing.  They are lousy singers.

Sleep was out of the question for most of the night.

Too wound up.

It is a glorious day: sunny, 75 degrees and one of the rare fall days that grace our lives.

I am feeling content, being a bum, hanging out, in my pjs.

I think I will allow myself to take this day and make it the most non productive day of my long life.

I just might re-read all the lovely cards I received, water the beautiful bouquets and pop open a bottle of wine that FEDEX just delivered.   What a hoot.  I had no idea that wine could be delivered.  That just might be a little too convenient.

Cheers everyone.

Thank you for being so kind and for joining me in a final farewell, for Jimmy.

It was a joyous way of celebrating life.





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