The trees!

I was gone one week and the trees greeted me with a colorful surprise.

One week?

How quickly life changes.

So beautiful.

I wonder how many people drove up to work today and really looked at the transformation around us.

I went out at noon, just to look at the fields, the corn stalks and the glorious colors of the landscape in rural Pennsylvania.

Yeah, I had a challenging day.

But it was ok.

I didn’t go back to work to pre occupy my mind and my time.

I love interacting with people.

It has me thinking that perhaps this is a time to pursue the dreams I have put on the back burner.

I have achieved the ultimate goal of supporting my mate of 30 years, to do what was best for him.

Now, the future is wide open.

It inspires me to think about what I wish to call my legacy.

Hold on.

The times they are a changing…..




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