A humped up sort of day.

Tried to get back on track at work.

Picked up the pace.

Went wild.

By 5pm, needed to hang out and act silly.

Ran into Brian and Scott and some guy from Tennessee.

Oh the stories!

Oh the humanity!

Oh how we ran our philosophies by one another.

From property devaluation, to community involvement, to the Chicago Cubs and the NE Pats. We covered a lot of ground.

Then an older fella stopped by on his way out:
“Good night Neighbor.”

Huh?  Uhm  You are my neighbor?


Well, that remains to be seen.

I don’t recognize him.

But he is a hoot.

I think he may have me mixed up with some other gorgeous broad, hahahahhaah.

Anyway, I dismissed myself, after holding it all together, after 2 screw drivers.

Arrived home to the OH WOW cat, who could not wait to get the heck out of the house, and the little waif cat, Puff, who sassed me as I fed her dinner.

Oh life, how wonderful you are.

I am still here, after all these years, finding enjoyment in most everything I encounter.

I must say:  I have found the secret to life:

It is to connect and engage with those we meet, enjoying our similarities and our differences.

Try it.

It can be a wild ride.

Until tomorrow,




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