A dream realized.

On a normal Thursday morning.

Another day in production.

Taking the lead.

Scheduling the jobs.

Coordinating, supporting, advising….

Never dreaming of what was happening on the side lines.


He is coming here, today, to meet MCat.

It is a surprise.

She has worked tirelessly, over the years, to support our troops.

Her dedication to fund raising is unprecedented.

Year after year, she has adopted one of America’s finest,  collecting  blankets, pillows, socks, baby wipes, treats, candy…. and so many other things…. to “her” soldier and his company.

Today, it was the day for her soldier to meet MCat.

We gathered together in the conference room, waiting with anticipation and excitement when the two of them would meet.

It was one of the most joyous moments most of us have ever experienced.

They finally met, face to face, after the many months of sharing photos from Kuwait, in harm’s way.

And today, he is safe.


And happy.

Such a wonderful celebration.

Yes, we know that MCat is already working on connecting with another American Armed Service Man/Woman.

Passion has no limits, when you believe!

We all thank the troops for their service.

And they deserve it.

But today, we thank MCat for her service and her dedication, in honoring those who have given us so much.

Way to go Mary!







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