Drum roll.


On a mission.

Up at 6am.

Time for breakfast with the hot women from my past.

Sue: Looking good, in her Halloween shirt.  Booooooooooooo.

Thanks, Sue for bringing your grand daughter to these monumental events, each month.

Denise, Sue, Susie, Andra, Diane. We have watched Robyn  grow into a lovely young woman, so talented and so humble.  Love you Rob!

Denise:  We can’t wait til you feel better and can join us once again, eating and laughing our asses off.

Hey Diane!

So good to see you without the cane!  What a great recovery.  Guess you will be back pole dancing soon, hahahhaha.

Susie:  My prayers for your hubby,  You are so very special, always thinking of others, and now?  Life is dealing another whammy.  Please let me know if I can help.

Finally,  I reluctantly left the restaurant, knowing full well that I had to go home and give the cat a bath.

A few doubles with Kelly.

Todd was there.

Hey, Todd, Halloween costume?

This year?

A giant penis?

Oh no.  Not again!

Headed for the back 40.


No man’s land.


I see another bar.

One more for the road, please.

And while you are at it, meatballs and garlic bread with cheese, please.

Oh oh.


Meatballs gone.

The cat?

Well….. until tomorrow.

If I am still alive after this bathing incident, can someone please bring band aids?

Have a great weekend everyone!

(by the way, Iowa is beating the socks off Purdue)






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