Can we talk?

It doesn’t matter if you know me or not.

I have a feeling we may be soul sisters or soul brothers.


I am just a goof out here, with a dying cat and a dead husband.

Sounds  a lot like Halloween, eh?

I would love to hear from you.

Well, only if you believe, like I do, that we are all connected.

And we will experience that day when life changes, goes on, and is a B.

Do any of use realize that on that day, 20 or 30 years ago, we said our vows, and we continued on with life, until suddenly, Good bye!

So, with that in mind, now what?

For me. my friends, I  ventured down to the watering hole, watched fBall and ate sliders.

And now?

I can’t wait to change into my PJs.

What a goof I am, and always have been.

I can’t help it.

Life is a hoot.

Life can be joyous, whether you wake up with yourself  or…..

There’s pigeons down in Market Square
She’s standin’ in her underwear

Let’s all just get together and hug one another.

Yeah, ok, not you, Mcat.

But for those of us who love life, in spite of what it brings,

Keep on keeping on.

Until then…..




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