Eleanor Rigby.

Oh, I really don’t want to go there, but it is so surreal on this Monday night.

Dreams, some realized, most not.

Living life for something that is beyond our grasp, our comprehension, our ability to achieve.

What happened?

Got married.



Or worse yet, still hanging in there, trying to make some sense out of the madness.


Living large.

Family, job, prestige, wealth.

Feeling smug.

Feeling on top of the world.

What’s that, creeping in?


Kids are gone?

On their way to their own lives?

And I?

And we?

And us?

As we grow: older, wiser, crazier, so do our dreams.

And for those of us who are in turmoil, wondering what we may have done wrong,,,,

It’s ok.

Life is such a fabulous trip.

Actually, it is too wonderful to worry and concern ourselves with trying to constrain ourselves, to satisfy others.





Be yourself!

And give in to whatever makes you happy, each day.

It’s all we have, Eleanor.





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