83 degrees today.

Worried about my cat?

Come on.

What the hell?

He should be worried about me, inside, on this glorious, record breaking warm October day.

Yes, he went outside when I left for work.

Actually, I think he made a good choice.

Fabulous day to hang out in the yard.

Reminds me :  Our house is a very very fine house.

With 2 cats in the yard…..

However, quite a challenging day for this old chicken butt.

And it went by in a jumping jack flash.

Now the night is upon me.

Yes, I had a big mac today, fries and a toxic diet coke., along with 3 double screws.

Drivers, that is.

Now I have to say:

Have you heard the news today?

Oh boy!

Apothic Inferno is no more.

I just might have the last bottle in PA.

I really have to buckle down and hunker down and prepare for my old age.

Hold the phone!

Too late.

I blew it.

Ok, so let’s do it again, tomorrow.

I can’t wait.

Old age is not all that it is cracked up to be.

For some, it is less.

For others, more.

It is a wild and crazy ride.

The Doors had it right:

Come on baby, light my fire, while we live in this world, riders on the storm.

By the way, what’s with the lyrics? A dog without a bone?

Ok, until tomorrow,





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