Way to go Cleveland!

Now, if only the Cubs!

Ok, so back to reality.

Waited for the axe to fall today, at work.

A barrage of anticipated work.

It didn’t fall.

Delayed axe.

Waiting for tomorrow.

Is there anything more sinister?

Ok, the presidential debate tonight.

Nothing is more sinister than that.

Can’t we skip this one?

I, for one, am tired of hearing the election is rigged, the candidates are corrupt, and the sexual lives of the rich and famous is not very exciting.

Quite boring, in fact.

I mean, do you care?

Do I care?

Not about that stuff.

But what about the future of our country?

What happened to addressing the issues?

Is this election about egos?

Or placing blame on 2 individuals?

I really am very tired of both of these candidates.

Do they need jobs?

Do they need reasonable child care alternatives?

Are they looking at medicare and supplemental health care?

Do they care if we are living in the inner city, where violence is on the rise?

What about the tenuous existence between the people and the police?

Are we feeding the hungry?

Housing the homeless?

Educating our children?

Protecting our country?

No, I don’t have all the answers.

And I really wonder if the 2 candidates have any answers, or if they even realize what it is like living in America today?

Can someone please cancel the debate tonight?

I will be watching the Cubs.

What a refreshing change.

Hey, Cubs, win or lose, you are awesome.




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