Friday night.

The rain is falling.

The wind is blowing.

Oh what a lovely streak of weather we had this week.

It just could be the turning point.

The transition from summer to autumn to early winter.

My car is quite vocal these days.

Hey, your tire pressure is low.

Uhmm. You need an oil change.

Come on!

All on a Friday morning?

Since when did cars start talking?

And putting the whammy on the day?

It’s bad enough to get up at 5 and out the door before the sun comes up….

And then….

“Hello! It is recommended that your oil needs to be changed.”

Hey, wait! Who are you?

And how do you know that?

Besides, It is really not the message to hear on a Friday.

Couldn’t you have delivered this message before the weekend?

May I ask,  “What happens if I don’t get an oil change?”

Do I have a grace period?

Do I need to rush out to the nearest oil changing station and cry the blues?

“My oil!”

“Oh my oil!”

I need to have it changed……. or else.”

No response.

Just a nagging thought in my mind.

If you drive this vehicle and an oil change was recommended, along with a low tire thingy, you are doomed.

Your days are numbered.

Your car is road kill, toast, a junk yard wanna be.

So, I do the needful thing.

I stop drinking at 8pm, feed the cats, change into my jammies, set the alarm for 6am tomorrow, yes Saturday, to take this broken down, sob of a car to the dealership and sit there for several hours, while I contemplate my future.

Just then, I hear a mantra:  Oh Wow!  Oh Wow!  Oh Wowowowowoowowowwoowowowowow.”

Yes, it is Half Pint, the big, fat, furry, clown faced cat who is bound and determined to bug the @!$@$@$@5 out of the Wolf.

Question:  Do you really wonder why I drink?

To excess?

Hey, kids, it’s ok.

Have a great weekend.

Stay safe,  feed your pets, while we toast to our lives.

Life is grand!  Aint it?




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