Sunday morning.

Have to get up early.

Breakfast with friends, at 930am.

Saturday night, no heat, but 2 cats and an electric heater did the trick.

One cat on my chest, the other on my feet, having nightmare after nightmare.

For example:

Driving in the fog on a Pennsylvania mountain.

Trying to do my job, while my eyes went crazy.

Oh no! I am blind!

No one came at 5pm to pick me up.

What the hell?

I really didn’t expect anyone to do that.

Got engaged to a 20 year old kid.

Oh no!

What in the hell is going on?

Cats hollering in my ear:  “Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!”

Reality kicks in.

Hungry as a bear.

Went to join my friends.

Instead of eating, drank 3 bloody marys.

“Hey!  I want scrambled eggs.”

No….not on the menu, but got them in spite of the menu.

The day flashed by in a NY minute.



Oh no!

I have to go home.

The Vikings lost to the Eagles?

No kidding.

I must have missed it.

Thanks, Patty, Ray, Jimmy, Bree, Matt, Bill, Alex and Connie.

I had a fabulous time today.

It was a Sunday to remember.


Let’s do it again!

Life is whatever you make it.

And today?

Well, it just happened to be one of the craziest days of October, 2016.

And I will remember this day forever.

What a hoot!




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