Saturday is a day to sleep in.


Not so.

Geez it is 6am, and I have to get a blood test, so no coffee.

And then the car is scheduled for inspection.

And the cats need food.

So, off I go, without coffee at 730am.

What the heck?

10 people lined up to get blood tests.

It is raining, gloomy and windy.

I can’t find my insurance card.

And I need coffee.

When I arrived, late, at the Ford Dealership, the young man in the service dept was such a lovely person.  I usually hate going to the service department. My experience has been not so hot.  But today, a new guy and so very pleasant.

In approximately 2 hours, I was on my way to pick up groceries and to stop for my usual vitamin C breakfast.

After chatting with several of the regulars, it was time to head out and check on the cats.

Geez!  It is cold in here.

Oh oh. The furnace is not working.

No hot water either.

Now what?

Call the emergency line for furnace repairs.

D’Angelo talks me out of getting it fixed today.

He asks if I could be out of fuel.

How the hell would I know?

It is dark in that basement and the light bulb burned out, and it is dusty as all hell.

He says:  Well, do you have a flashlight?

And can you go down and look at the fuel indicator, yada yada yada.

I go down.

I don’t see any red line on the indicator.

He says:  “Ok, you are out of fuel.”

If you want us to come out, the fee is outrageous.


Weekend, remember?

So I decide I will wait til Monday.

He says,” Look Hon, I am just trying to save you money.”

Well, I go out and buy an electric heater.

The damn thing is a dud.

It really doesn’t throw heat.

So I stop for a drink and run into Pattie and Ray.

And we share a few laughs and drinks.

Home again.

Heater is on, but not effective.

Time to dig out the woolies and the afghan and hunker down with P Daddy and Half Ton.

Is it spring yet?




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