What a lovely day.

Now, I can’t say I had a stress free day.

Who does?

For example:  5am:

Oh Wow!

No, Half Pint, not yet!

6am:  Wait!  I have heat and hot water!

Oh my my, oh hell yes, time to get a shower and dressed.

7am:  Oh oh.  It’s Tuesday. Bring the trash down.

And don’t forget to bring those strawberries and sticky buns to work.

8am:  No way!  What the heck?  Where did all this work come from?

9am:  I am buried!  And it is getting worse.

10am:  I need a sticky bun, with butter.

11am:  Not even half way through it, and no end in sight.

Noon:  Dan’s turkey and dressing! What a great lunch, for the chicken butt! Thanks Dan!

1pm:  Orders piling up.  Hello?  Are you there?  Give me a call, ok?

2pm:  Where are your reports?  Why haven’t you responded?  Are you alive?

3pm;  I cannot believe I have plowed through the blizzard and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

4pm:  Sigh!  Not sure I have accomplished everything I set out to do, and I have raced through so many issues, I just hope I did the right things.

5pm:  No way!  It’s 5?  Well, folks, I guess that ends my working day. Time to have a few hours to myself and then home to the kitties.

7pm:  Feeding time. Petting time. Praising time.  Watering time. Brushing time.

8pm:  For some reason, I feel good.  Where are my pjs?   It’s nice and cozy in here and the game is on! Cubs and Indians.

Yes, I am a baseball fan.

Turn on the game, head for bed and guess what?

I will probably have to check the internet tomorrow to see who won.

Oh life, you are such a crazy, wonderful existence.

Sometimes we take an ordinary Tuesday for granted.

And miss the rich nuances of the day.

Good night everyone!

I hope you sleep well and wake up in the morning, with a winged heart, giving thanks for another day of loving…..(K Gilbran)




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