A thought or two on a rainy, cold, damp day in October.

What the hell is this?

A fruit fly is invading my privacy tonight.

I am eating a swiss cheese burger, with perogies, and drinking a  cold Coors, after feeding the kitties, when a pesty fruit fly decides to invade my space.

Geez that is irritating.

I reach for my zapper, waiting for the little critter to cross my path.

Nothing happens.

I put the zapper down.

He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I am not amused.

I think about the day.

It was also, not very amusing.

Well, except for the wiener.

Yes, the wiener.

You see, when one of my co workers decides to go on a rant, or say something offensive, that person gets the weenie on their desk….. until the next person acts up.

It is our teams’ way of doing balances and checks.

Act like an idiot, you get the wiener.

Say something out of line, the weenie is on your desk.

Curse?  Oh my, my, oh hell yes, you get the wiener.

I love to see that weenie make the rounds.

You see, we all have our moments, but when the weenie speaks, well….. let’s face it:  You acted over the top.

So tonight, I wish I had that weenie.

This fruit fly is not only over the top, he is hovering around my beer.

When I reach for the zapper, he is gone.

So I laid the zapper on the chair.

And guess what?

I heard it go off!


Karma is a crazy thing.

Go looking for it, and it doesn’t happen.

Lay back and eat a perogie, and zap!  gone.

See you tomorrow, in the back room.

And remember: The weenie is watching.





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