A strange Friday.

Oh well, not that strange.

I like to exaggerate, just to be sensational.

Or is it obnoxious?

Yes, the 2 cats slept with me.

One on my head, one on my feet.


I have learned to turn over and pretend I am sleeping.

However, once the Oh Wow cat sees one of my eyes open, it is all over.

Now, wait a minute.

It is Friday.

Get the heck up and throw on your hello kitty robe.

Take a shower and get the hell out of dodge.

Make sure the cats are in.

Who cares if they are miserable?

It’s cold outside and I don’t want to worry about you out there, freezing or running into a stray beaver or ground hog.

So, off to work I go.

And it is a doozie.

But that is another story.


Stopping by the bar, in the middle of a traffic jam, after picking up cat food for the oh so picky cat.

Listened to the velvet fog singing on the juke box, and ran into someone who thinks I am his neighbor.

I’m not.

But that’s ok.

I guess we are all neighbors, after all.

Having a cold one.

Winding down.

Thinking about absolutely nothing.

Looking forward to a great weekend, the end of October, 2016, and hopefully, another Chicago Cub win tonight.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Take life one day at a time.

Give yourself a break.

Let it happen!





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