Happy Weenie.

Hope you enjoyed this special day, Oct 31, 2016.

It was great, seeing the costumes, at work.

And then, at the bar.



I just want to say this;

What the hell?

Doesn’t anyone like to dress up on Halloween?

Oh, a few at the office.

And even fewer at the bars.

I love this holiday.

Should I just excuse myself and let the children do their thing?

Sorry, kiddies.

I met the nicest gent tonight, at the bar.

No, he wasn’t dressed up.

I saw something in his face, when I met him, that signaled:  Hey  Mary Jane, just have some fun.

And I did.

And he and his family did.

And what a hoot it was.




So what?

My bucket list still has several destinations.

One:  Ny Thanksgiving Parade.

Two:New Orleans:   Mardi  Gras.

Three: Super Bowl.

And for now, home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Ok, Pinty? Puffy?  I am tired.

I was an idiot all day long.

And tonight?

Well, let’s hope the Vikings beat the Bears.

And for tomorrow?

Go Cubs.

And go Chicken Butt.

Ain’t life grand?







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