In a testing mode:

Apothic Inferno

All I had to do was mention it and she found it.

Liz knew I wanted to try this wine and finally, tonight, I popped it open.

I happen to like red wine best.

I like dry wine.

Nothing too sweet.


Supposedly whiskey flavored.

Bring it on.

First impression:

Smokey flavored.

Reminiscent of sherry.

Dry sherry.

Quite woody tasting.

No real highlights.

No zing.

An after taste in my mouth.

A lot like sucking on a cigarette butt.

A dead ciggy butt.

Not what I thought it would be.

The perfect pairing?

A dozen yellow peeps with chocolate.

Sorry, folks.

Not my fav.

However, it is ok.

It was so very sweet of Liz to find this bottle of hell for the Chicken Butt.


Stick with Apothic dark.

Or if you prefer, drink a glass of wine tonight, any kind of wine.

It has been said that a glass of wine at night is just as good as an hour working out at the gym.


Who cares?

I like that theory.






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