We pass the weenie around at work.

Yes, the weenie.

In the last seat on the bus, aka, the back room, we hear and see and react to whatever happens.

We sit in a bank of cubes.

They are not exactly private.


You get the weenie.

Bad attitude?

Weenie appears on your desk.


Hello weenie.

Forget to say good night?

Yes, mr. wiener pays you a visit.

Today, it was a rare occasion.

2 of the cube mates had a melt down at the same time.

We threatened to cut the weenie in half, but hey, he is too cute for that.

So now we have a weenie and a horse’s ass.

Just in case we need to draw attention to a pair of idiots.

Oh yes, we love one another.

We protect and cajole and tease and laugh and support each other, to the edge of ferocity.

But we intend to keep it positive, productive and spectacular!

Thanks, Mr, Weenie.

You make even the stressful times fun!



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