Sometimes I wonder if I am sane.

Well, ok, all there, if you know what I mean.

Stayed up late, to watch the Cubs win the World Series.


I know it was after midnite.

Got up at 5am, looking for the Oh Wow Cat who stayed out all night again.

Decided to play games on the internet, until it was 7am, and then had to scurry to make it to D Donuts for a bagel and coffee, before 8am.

Passed the weenie back and forth at work, much to the delight of those who didn’t get the weenie.

You know what?

That weenie is a ball buster, a stress reliever and an innocent way to cope with stress.

Believe it or not, that weenie did more to control the attitudes in that back room today  than I have seen in a long time.






Oh yeah.

And then, laughter.

Stress and laughter are like oil and water.

Today, I think the weenie won.

Sometimes, a little goof like that Yocco’s weenie can change the world.

Ok, not the entire world, but that little world of ours, in the back room.

Life is what we make it……. together.

I call it group therapy.

We all work together, but we work on separate projects, and with distinct challenges.

But when the weenie enters the picture…. the sky is the limit.

Just one regret this evening:

I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner.





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