Hi all you fabulous people out there.

Ok, and Hi all you goofs too.

Saturday afternoon, in the park, I think it was the 4th of July.

Music is such a unifier.

Is that a word? Unifier?

We baby boomers seem to connect when we listen to music, take a few puffs and eat a dozen brownies.

Some of my favs?

Limiting to 10, for the sake of boredom:

  1. Bobby McGee.
  2. Running on empty.
  3. Honky tonk woman,
  4. Last dance with Mary Jane.
  5. Rainy day women.
  6. Rocket man.
  7. The weight.
  8. Free Bird.
  9. Hotel California.
  10. Stairway to heaven.

Yeah, well, we old hippies are a hoot.

Until tomorrow,

Ground control to Major Tom…..



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