And how was your Friday?

I hope it was spectacular.

If you are one of those who are working, Friday is the most popular day of the week.

Well, at closing time.

However, during the “other” hours of the day, it is the same song, same tune, with very little distinction from the rest of the work week….. with a slight twist.

Tomorrow is Saturday.

So, slinking out at closing time, we have our agendas…. for the weekend.

Could this be you?

I have my list….. cleaning, cooking, shopping, taking the kids to practice, church, family dinner on Sunday, laundry, raking…… Oh no! Only 2 days til I have to go back to work?


Not much going on.

It’s supposed to be quite chilly.

I think I will shop for groceries and get my cooking done for the week.

Let’s see:

Lasagna, Pork roast, Chef Salads, Tacos, Rice and beans, and? Oh yeah!  Grilled cheese and tomato soup.


Hey, the weekend is for fun.  Let’s go to the wineries, after hiking and biking and hanging out at the gym.

Excuse me!

Another option:

I am the consummate football fan.  Go Alabama!

Love me some beer, wings and a spot at the sports bar.

One more:

I need to do some stuff, but, being a chicken butt, with little or no brains, I think I will sleep until I wake up.  Drink coffee with Baileys until I feel alive.  Head on out for a vitamin C fix, at the local establishment.  Order cheesy garlic bread to go, and eat it all at the bar instead.  And go home, hug the cats and watch Columbo and Andy of Mayberry.


I need to clarify.

Weekends are for being who you are and what you want to do.

Enjoy your days of freedom!

Sing, dance, sleep or just vegetate.

It’s up to you!






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