Of course I did.

Took an early lunch and headed out to the polls at 11am.

2 people in line.

In 5 minutes, I had voted.

Stopped to pick up lunch and headed back to work.

Great to see you Steph and Kim and Marco.

The cheesy garlic bread was delicious.

5pm;  Time to relax, have a few and let the voices of America be heard.

Oh No!

Here I go again.

A lovely couple, at the bar, on the eve of their trip to Dallas.

The trip?

To visit the millionaire brother and his family in their fabulous house, for a few days.


Yeah, but he really is “down to earth.”

Now, may I ask:  What are you planning to do there, in this millionaire’s home, with your super rich brother for 5 days?

“We are just gonna have a wonderful reunion, with the unassuming fabulously rich brother.  You know, hang out and drink beer and just have a blast.”

The female?   A hair dresser, with blond hair, cascading down her back.  And a nagging realization that her first born is a heroin addict.

The male?  A very slim, handsome man, with a great hair cut, who , according to his wife, has a negative view on life.

Ok, kids

I am an aging bar fly, with no millionaire relatives, living in an old house and am still working after 40 years.

So, now what?

The female says:  “We have seen you before, in here. We always wanted to meet you, talk to you and laugh with you.”

I smile, wish them a fabulous trip and tell them that perhaps we will meet again.


Perhaps not.

You see, I don’t wish to live in a mansion, and to be rich.

I live to enjoy each day.

And to live, love and laugh, with whomever I meet.


Not for me.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night.

To interact with the locals, the contractors, the working guys and gals :  Those who gave it everything they had, all day, and stopped to toast a few to those who share the struggle.

Just remember:  whatever I have, is yours.

After all, life is what we can share with one another.










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