Remember 9/11?

And today:  11/9.

The world is upside down, inside out, gone wild, insanity rules, logic has sprung a leak, and we are in shock.

15 hours later, I have emerged:

I refuse to give up my values, my hopes, my dreams, my vision for peace in this country.

Actually, this election, has strengthened my resolve, to stand up, fight, and support my beliefs.

Nothing is going to change my value system.

If anything, this election has been a wake up call.

No more passive acceptance.

I have become a soldier, in support of diversity and inclusion.

There is nothing more powerful than a vision and a purpose of the masses.

Our mission:  To preserve, protect, and support our heritage, our freedom and our democracy.

Hey Donald, Mr President:  You will soon be a public servant.  And your master (s)?


We will hold you responsible as we march on your humble home in Washington DC.

Oh my my, oh hell yes, time to get rid of that “party” dress…..

Guess what?

You now belong to all of us.




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