You got up this morning, thinking it was just another day,

When, in fact, it was your last day on this earth.

Life, as you have known it, would end today.

Which would you prefer?

To know the end was near?

Or not to know?

If you had known, what, if anything, would you have done differently?

Does the last day of your life really make a difference?

Will you be remembered for that last day?

Thinking back on those we have loved and lost,  that last day was not important.

It was the life, the legacy, the memories of so many moments we shared.

The trauma of witnessing  the death of a loved one makes a lasting impression.

However, in time, it is not the death we relive.

It is the life.

The humor.

The love.

The support.

The turbulence.

The rocky road.

The enduring fervor to overcome the differences.

And the ultimate acceptance, to embrace, without judgement, the person we have chosen to be our partner in this life.

When that bond is severed, it can be devastating.

Yes, there needs to be time to grieve, to reflect and to move forward.

The memories are to be cherished.

Nothing can take that away from you.

Now it is up to you, the survivor, to pave a new path, towards your future.

Life is constantly in flux, constantly changing.

It’s ok.

Go with it.

Reach out to others.

You will be amazed at how you can make a difference.







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