The week in review?

Not what I thought it would be.

No snow yet.

Topsy turvey election results.

Cats unpredictable, especially at 430am.

Work load heavier than usual.

Got hooked on the grilled vegies from the mediterranean  café.

Disgusted over the spring ahead/fall back clocks.

Do not like going home in the dark.

Wild times after work, just because I am a goof.

Refused to make my bed. (may never make it again.)

Ordered some comfort food from Wisconsin.  Lefse!  Love that stuff.

Decided to quit playing the lottery.

Enjoyed my favorite autumn treat:  Hot chocolate and toast.

Talked to Dee from Iowa. Have not talked to her in years, but it didn’t matter.  We carried on like we had been  in contact every day.  Old friends are a hoot!

Trying to decide: jeans?  or leggings?

Oh boy, after Monday, I have 13 days off.

Can you imagine the mess I will be?

Enjoy your weekend!








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