Monday nights, for some reason, seem to be my nights to howl.

It defies all logic.

Come on.

The first day of the work week.

The day after a weekend of debauchery.

Why Monday?
As I look back, on history, I have always favored Monday nights to get crazy.

Tonight was the night of debate:  Should it be ? or should it not be legalized?

Is an herb something that the government should control?

Is it the government?

Or the drug companies?

What about those kids sitting in a jail cell in one state, while in another, it is free falling.

If you possess it, you get your wrist slapped.

If you grow it, you are charged with a felony.

If you need it, for medical reasons, move.

If you want it for recreational reasons, move.

The debate ends as it always does.

We are so hungry, we have to go home and eat cookies.

Monday night:  A crazy night, to hang out and debate what we can’t control.

But it sure was fun.

Until next time….





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