Dear Diary:

Day number 1, of my 13 day vacation.

Woke up several times to a petite pitter patter during the night.

It was Puff Daddy, Jim’s favorite cat.

The cat who had nothing but disdain for me.

Yup, sleeping next to me.

It was such a delightful event, that I stayed in bed until almost 9am.

Then I realized:

Oh NO!

The Oh Wow Cat has been out all night.

After feeding the two felines, I remembered that today is the trash pick up day.

Oh great.

I am not dressed:  have on a “hello kitty” robe and pjs and have to scurry down the driveway before the truck arrives.

It was then that I remembered: Today is your annual physical, you idiot.

Nurse Kim greeted me.

Let me rephrase.

Nurse Kim was as cordial as an ice burg.

A few hours later, I managed to get a few smiles out of her.

It was when she asked if I wanted a mammogram or a colonoscopy.

I just laughed.

And so did she.

Doc Elliot was much more accommodating.

I think he was happy to get rid of me.

When I left the medical building, it was on to the eye doctor.


Such an ordeal.

2 hours discussing my eye balls.

At 5pm I emerged from the last appointment of the day, after studying photos of my eye on a computer.

Geez.  Can I just have some glasses that will allow me to see?

And then the painful ordeal with deciding what the hell insurance would/would not pay for exam and the glasses.

$1200?  Great.  Here. Get me the hell out of here.

I stopped to pick up Kettle Corn and chocolate peeps.

Oh yeah, and chocolate covered Santa Clauses.

Tomorrow is day number 2 of this fabulous vacation.

Let’s hope it is a doozy.



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