If I had to do it over again, would I change anything?

Is it possible to re-evaluate  the path I chose?  Can I go back?

If I am not happy, is it because life dealt me a bad hand?

Was it beyond my control?

Or did I readily accept my fate, without question?

Was it really fate?

Or did I just give up and let it happen?

When is it too late to make changes to who I am, what I am and what I want to accomplish?

Quote the raven:  Nevermore.

Never more?  For me, that means it is never more opportune.

Life is how you interpret it.

For me?

Hey friends.

Winter arrives at 7pm tonight.

Tranquility is soon to be interrupted.

The dark side of the moon is about to have its day.

Until we emerge, sometime next week,

May all of us keep our pets safe and warm,

And put on an extra quilt, as we hunker down,

As we travel this week,

Over the river and through the woods,

Hey friends!

Have fun.

I am not cooking.

I don’t really like turkey.

I prefer to hang out with friends and have a burger, fries and a few beers.

Besides, my Grandma died about 30 years ago.

My new mantra:


Do whatever it is you enjoy.

Plan an escape for the holiday.

See you at the parade in NYC.

Why not?

It’s not what you eat.

It’s what you enjoy.





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