The three of us hunkered down, in this old house, hearing and feeling the howling winds.

Creaking and cracking and whistling.

I threw on a few extra blankets and hoped that  Half Pint and P Daddy would feel comfortable enough to sleep with the Chx. B.

Up and down all night.

The little one, Puff Daddy, would sneak up and lay on my legs, waiting for that moment when I had to turn over, and then she jumped off.

At 5am, all 3 of us were tired of the routine.

Let’s get up.

Let’s eat.

Let’s go outside to bask in the sunlight.


The winds never did subside.

I know those two felines miss their Daddy.

I am a poor substitute .

However, we did survive, as the November winds put on their screaming act.

I left, at noon.

I had to.

We were tired of one another.

We needed a break.

Now we are together again, 4pm, on a Monday evening.

The 2 of them?


They seem to be content.

I hope so.

My life seems to revolve around Jim’s pets.

Who would have thought?

Well, they are now mine.


I am theirs.

And they own me.

Hey, little ones!

I brought you some treats!

Let’s get comfy.

The winds are subsiding.

There is room enough for all of us….

Sweet dreams.

I love you!






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