Can you believe it?

The Holidays are here!

What would happen if you decided not…..

to decorate.

to buy presents.

to send cards.

to invite everyone for Christmas dinner?

to scramble around for the rest of the year?

I get it.

Christmas is a special time, for many of us.

Trees and decorations and presents.

Friends and families and feasts.

Religious services, mangers and Christmas Carols.

Santa is coming.

Be sure to put out the cookies and milk.

Go for it.

It’s the American way.

Yes, I still buy a few gifts.

However, my holiday is not about me, anymore.

It’s about the miracle that happens when we reach out to others.

Hey kids!

Let’s get together, sing Carols, on a horse drawn wagon, with hot cocoa waiting at the end of the trail.

And of course, a special gift for each and every one of us.

Thanks Santa!

Sometimes, the best gift of all is being together, sharing the magic of the season, and caring for one another.







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