Creeping back to the office….. after vacation.

Had to set an alarm.


What the hell?

Packed a lunch, if that is what you can call it.

Yogurt for breakfast.

Cucumber salad for lunch, with Norwegian lefse.

Yes, it was the lefse that absolutely abolished any intention I might have had of eating healthy.

At 2pm, I was yawning.

Oooooops.  Time for my afternoon snooze.


Not gonna happen.

Remember you idiot:  You are working, not living in debauchery, as you have, for the past 13 days.

When the day was done, I remembered something I saw on Facebook.

A glass of wine is equal to an hour at the gym.


Time to go back to wine

If one glass = one hour, then 2 glasses = two hours,  and a bottle?  Well, hello!

Home now.

Drinking wine, while the cats act like I have been away for a year or two.

Oh, life goes on.

It gets darker every day, as the sun settles in to its winter’s nap.

The deer are running wild, on the first day of rifle hunting.

The Chicken Butt is back to work and acting like a nincompoop.

And tomorrow?

Who knows?

I hope to connect with you, once again, if we are privileged to experience another day on this planet.

Let’s make the most of it.

Why not?

It is all we have.






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