Early this morning.

Had to walk down the driveway to put the trash out for collection.

No problem.

I got a new umbrella.

From my health care network.

Uhm…. this little thing on the handle…..

Does that open the umbrella?

It doesn’t seem to work.

I am getting wet.

I am getting very wet.

I am soaked.

Finally, the damn thing opened up and the rain poured off my head, hair, face and clothing, until I could feel it in my shoes.

Such a lovely start to the work day.

As I sat at my desk, with wet jeans, shoes and hair, I was surprised that it was unusually quiet.

Oh yeah?

At 9 o’clock, I think the world came alive.

Finally, after eating all that turkey and dressing and pies, customers got up and roared.

And they continued throughout the day.

Thankfully, the rain stopped at the end of the work day.

However, the fog crept in, at first lightly, and then by the time I was almost home, I was driving blind.

No wonder I had to stop for a glass of wine to settle my nerves.

Make it 2.

Home now.

The cats greeted me at the basement door.

“Where the heck have you been?  We are hungry!”

“Look, little princess and big ass whopper, I had a rough day, so knock off the ‘Oh Wows’ and eat your dinner.”

A rainy Tuesday in November.

A day to remember.

Aren’t they all?



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