Moving forward to a new year.

2016;  It was a year of waiting and hoping and accepting the inevitable.

I stayed close to home, but always made sure I had some time for me.

A vow, made 30 years ago, was kept until the end.

When it was over, the silence was deafening.

It is taking time to fully accept my new life.

The cats are driving me wild, with their demands, but they are wonderful companions.

I have time now, to reflect on the past, to enjoy all the memories, and to take control of my future, whatever that may bring.

On this last day of 2016, I am thankful for my friends, co workers, and family who are watching over me.

If you are reading this, you too, have been blessed with another day on this planet.

Make the most of it, as we say goodbye on this New Year’s Eve, to 2016, welcoming in a new year to live, love, laugh and to enjoy one another, for as long as we are here.







Cat control

It was blustery and cold this morning.

I got ready for work, with time to spare.

Or so I thought.

The OhWow cat went out 3 times after eating 3 breakfasts.

He didn’t stay out long:  too cold.

Then he saw me put on my jacket.

The Oh Wows started in a mantra.

I had a brief conversation with him:

“No.  You have been out 3 times.  I am going to work, so you have to stay inside.”

I broke down, as usual, after approximately 30 oh wows and said, “Ok, but make it snappy.”

He gave me that %#%#%@%#% you look and sauntered out the door.

5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes.

Where is the hell is that cat?

I went out on the deck,  “Half Pint!!  Get in here!  I have to go to work.”


All right.  If that’s the way you want it.  You will be outside all day.

Just then, I saw him:  on the roadway, slowly walking up the driveway.

And I mean slowly.

There I am yelling for him to hurry up, freezing out on the deck, watching him meandering up the driveway, like it was a warm spring day.

Finally he shows up on the deck.

He reluctantly comes in.

I hightail it off to work, laughing the whole way.

Damn!  That cat is smart.

Well,  he isn’t a genius, but he certainly knows how to take control…. especially of me.




Let’s kick some serious ass in the new year

Strange vibes in the workplace over the holidays.

Americans are kicking back and enjoying their families.

It is a softer, gentler, quieter environment these last 2 weeks of the year.

I, for one, enjoy the hectic pace, the multi tasking and the overwhelming pressures that accompany my job and just about any other job in this year, 2016.

So, this week was a little slow for me.

Give me the fireworks, the demands and the highs of doing the impossible.

Down times drive me crazy.

I believe I am addicted to the sensationalism of the instant messages that pass through our emails all day long.

Even sugar doesn’t compare nor compete with the highs I get throughout an average working day.


It gets a bad rap.

It can be good, especially when it inspires excellence.


Enough said.

One more working day in 2016.

I should say:  1/2 of one day.  I have a half day off tomorrow.

2016:  A year of ups and downs, highs and lows, but mostly of fond memories, thanks to friends and family who guided me through it.

It was the end of a 30 year marriage:  a partnership that, like this past year, had its peaks and valleys, but endured until the end.

Like it or not, time goes on.

Am I ready for the new year?

I think I am.

I hope you are.

Happy New Year, friends!

Let’s give it hell!




Tinkle tinkle little star……

Things I learned today:

When it is quiet at work, do those things that you need to do to prepare you for the New Year. Yes, even moving files.

Wake up late?

Get your ass to Dunkin D’s and inhale the coffee.

Need a special project done that you are not qualified to do?

Reach out to your coworker, who, even on vacation, will come to the rescue.

Feeling slightly guilty about leaving the cats in such a hurry this morning?

When evening comes around and your felines see you walk up the stairs, the sounds of joy and happiness are overwhelming, until of course, they are fed.

Stop for a quick after work drink and run into 15 friends.

Oh my goodness!

There is nothing like a neighborhood bar to make you feel fabulous.

You know, the place where everybody knows your name.

Every day has so many happy moments, if we truly believe that they exist.

I found so many today.

Hey, maybe I am Peter Pan.

Naw…. I think I am Tinker Bell.

And every time a bell rings, tinker has to tinkle.

Until tomorrow,





The day after the day after Christmas

Not one bit ready for the work week.

The alarm sounded at 5am.

The cats pounced on me.

Is it Monday?

Oh wait.

It is the day after the day after Christmas, I think.

Oh my!

What a wild and wonderful weekend I had.

Dee sent me a lovely shirt and vest that I am wearing today.

She and I go back to 1990 or was it 1890?

At any rate, we are still buddies, after all these years.

Good friends, old friends,new friends, all friends make the holiday special.

So tonight, I decided to stop in to see my new friend, Pattie.




Are you ok?

She was distraught over her beautiful dog, who is up there, in age, and is having issues.

We hugged and shared gifts and toasted to the moment with huge glasses of wine.

Too bad Pattie had to spill hers.


Well, I poured half of what I had into her glass, and we shared an hour of Christmas cheer.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Oh Wow and P Daddy were waiting for their evening entrees.

Now that they are done, Oh Wow, went outside and PD went to sleep.

I really cannot have another glass of wine.

I am turning over a new leaf.

No more acting wild…… well… I already am 3 sheets….

After all, tomorrow is Tuesday….No!  Wait! It’s Wednesday.  Yes!

I love it when I suddenly realize that we have a 4 day week.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Can’t wait to share my new sign at work, a gift from Pattie.

I think I will use it when I have my review:

Drinks well with others!




Do you need any help? wink wink

Oh my!


Am I supposed to be somewhere  today?

Like working?



The Oh Wow! and puff daddy slept with me last night.

I think they missed me.

In the past, when “Who’s your Daddy” was alive, they could not care less if I came home or not.

Well, last night and today, those two critters would not leave my side.

Puff Daddy even played like a kitten with her gift from B and L Staples.

She chased those mice all over the house.

And Pinty?

He wanted to hang out in my lap, as the bog beast, weighing at least 30 pounds. waiting for the chicken butt to give him the attention that he needed.


I went out for just an hour or two, to see Kelly, Brian and Cait.

And now that I am home?


The big boy went out in the rain.

And PD is stalking the fake mice.

And me?

Well, I am just reliving the past few days.

And thinking to myself:  What a wonderful Christmas!

I can’t stop smiling.

It was a Christmas to remember.

Just one last thought:

Aggie:  You are a hoot!

Thanks for the book and for being you!

Wink wink.



A Christmas like none other

A Christmas like none other.

That is what I experienced this year.

As you may know, it would be the first Christmas for me, without Jim.

And I could have stayed home and felt sad and lonely.

Off to the casino, for a few days of craziness and debauchery.

Then to a warm and welcome environment with friends.

What a great time!

Such a beautiful dinner.

Oh the flurry of activity of the furry members of the family.

Such a happy, joyful time.

I didn’t need a camera to record, in my memory, forever, Agnese and Sweetie Pie cuddled up on the recliner, BFFs.

Or to appreciate and admire the teamwork that a great marriage has to offer.

A lovely treat, to be invited to be a part of the celebration.

One that I will never forget.

It seems that there are moments in our lives that change our attitudes and our beliefs for the better.

I was fortunate to experience this phenomena today.

Merry Christmas!

It was a very special day.






So many choices when one is a cougar

I got engaged today.


To Eugene, Angel, and Tracy.

And then, after work, to Mark.

The other night, to Hunter.

Geez.  I am in such demand.

So, I took the afternoon off to contemplate my future.

Not an easy task.

Hey, girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls, let’s face it:  How many of us cougars get our choice of so many?

Oh shoot. Most of them are either married or old goats.  You know, over 30.

So, it is back to the drawing board.

I think I prefer to keep my “men” at length.

Actually, girls, how many of you would want a permanent man in your life, after all these years?

Not me, Sister!

However, I am looking at adopting a dog.

Well, now that I really think about it, I wonder if a dog would put up with me.

I must admit: If I were a dog, I would not choose to live with a wild chicken butt who knows no limits in her life, who just goes nuts every night of the week, while she engages every one in conversation, much to the chagrin of the masses.

Free Bird.

That’s me.

And if I leave here tomorrow, would someone please feed the Oh Wow cat and Puff Daddy?

Damn it Jim.

You had to leave me with this burden.

Oh well, the Chx B would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

And, if you are in the market for a lovely fat cat, or a pissy little kitty, or a goofy Chicken Butt, contact me and we will meet at midnight, in the rain, drinking pina coladas, and a few shots of Jameson.


Merry and Happy!



Loose as a goose, again

A half day off in the life of a deranged chicken butt can be dangerous.

If you see a lunatic chicken on the loose early in the afternoon, my advice is to stay away.

Today, for example, after a shopping frenzy, the Cx Butt stopped for a drink.

Several drinks later, the whole place was singing to the Band’s old song:  Take a load off Annie.   (The Weight).

And Cripple Creek.  A drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one.

If you happened to walk into this love fest, you were caught up in the moment, singing to the oldies, checking out any time you pleased, while you could never leave.

It was still day light when the chicken b. decided to high tail it home, to feed Oh Wow and Puff Daddy.

They were not happy.

Oh Wow ran outside, and P Daddy dug her claws into the Cx Butt, leaving a memorable scar which will live on through eternity.

A question remains:

How much for an ounce?

Well, let’s just say that it is usually around $300.

But with the right connections, $240.

And if you had an extra 2 or 3 hundred, would you buy it?

Or would you continue to purchase the $10 buck variety at your local wine store?

Let’s see:  At 10 bucks per bottle, I could consume 20 bottles, or opt for an once of a natural home grown weed.

No contest.

Give me the weed.


Until tomorrow, when, my dear friends, I have another half day off…… adios!



Hanging with the boys in the hood

Mid week:  Shortest day of the year.

Oh Yeah?  Not in my mind.

First day of winter.

What?  40 degrees?

Love it!

No white Christmas.

Well, let’s just pretend we live in Florida.


Stopped for a glass of wine and ran into the whole gang.

Looked around and realized that this is a working man’s bar.

What the hell am I doing here?

So many of the regulars were there tonight, including the Chicken Butt.

It was a jolly, merry, fun time.

I can’t believe how the old boys have adopted me.

Or at least accept me as part of the network.


So, as I gradually made it home after 2 glasses of wine, I feel good!

I feel like the working men of the world, the good old boys who hang out in the bars are really very special guys.

They work every day.

Many of them own their own businesses.

They work hard.

And they always make me feel special.

Don’t ask me how I fit in.

But somehow, I feel right at home with these crazy guys.

There is something about this neighborhood bar that makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and silly.

At the end of a long day, on the shortest day of the year, I had a fabulous time, with the boys from the hood.