Looking back on the week:

Monday:  Back to work after a few weeks off.

Oh yeah!


How was my vacation?

Well, kids, it was like this:

I had a fabulous time.

Just don’t ask for details.

It was a hoot.

Now, getting back to Monday:

I struggled to light a fire under my ass.

There is something about a lethargic return from vacation.


Where did that spark come from?

Hey Baby, you can’t start a fire without a spark.

And the sparks kept coming.



No time for easing back into the work place.

Do it and do it now.

Wednesday:  Are you kidding?  Only Wednesday?

I need an afternoon nap.

Sorry, Charlie, only the finest tunas get through hump day, without getting humped by those ridiculous whales.

Thursday:  Are you kidding?  It is only Thursday?  What the hell?

And what to my wondering eyes should appear;  My cell phone sprung a leak and died.

I had a love/hate relationship with that phone.

Actually, I never really knew what the hell to do with it, other then to call someone.




Hey, I am an old geezer.

Friday: Another busy day, in the life of the lone wolf.

It would have been my 31st anniversary with Jim.  But, as you know, Jim departed from this world, and left me with those 2 cats who are driving me to drink.

For that, I must thank him.

Tonight, I have opened a lovely bottle of Apothic Dark, and am toasting to the 30 + years we had together.

Hey, look.

Some of those years were doozies.

You see, Jim and I were too much alike.

Wild, silly and just plain goofy.

Hey Jim!

I miss you.

The cats miss you.






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