Your potential?

Do you know it?

Do you go for it?

Do you settle for less?

When the work day is done, do you wonder how or why you are stuck?

Or do you accept your fate?

Well, it’s this way:

I don’t want to give up my weekends.

I prefer to do those things that I can do, and not learn anything new.

I don’t want to be responsible for the actions of others.

I want to work a few hours a day and then, go home.

If I have a problem, I refer to my boss.

Give me a job that has all  the answers to the many issues that may occur.

Hey Hey!

My My!

If that’s what you want, go ahead and retire.

It’s no longer acceptable to just do a job.

Employment requires a new attitude, a new niche, new possibilities.

The sky is the limit.

Hope to see you in the ever changing world of opportunity.

If not, well, it’s not for everyone.

Some of us will fade into the sunset.

Some will retire.

Others will fail.

Regardless, here’s to our history!

We did our best.

We will always remember our successes.

We salute those who will carry on, in spite of the consequences.

For those who remain:

Hey, kids!


And the “kids” say:  “Why not?”



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