Awake at 5am, to let the cat out.

What’s this?


How very beautiful.

Just an inch or two,  sparkling, gently dusting the lawn and of course, hanging all over the car.

So, where did I put that ice scraper and brush from last winter?

Where the heck are my boots?

Oh yeah.

I don’t have any.

My feet grew about a foot or so and I can’t fit into those skinny high boots.

Ok, so my legs got a little puffy.

Shut up.  So they got fat.

Why did I decide to live in the Northeast?

I am old, discombobulated and am finally realizing that I have made some pretty dicey decisions in my life time.

One happens to be living here, in the rural outskirts of nowhere, with that damn driveway.

Ok, so it wasn’t enough to throw me into a snow bank, but it sure is the start of something big…. yet to come.

Let’s just say this about that;  I made it through the day.

And tonight, the snow has melted, the cats still hate me, I missed UPS with my new phone delivery, and I had a lovely happy hour with Brian, Todd, Kev, Kelly, Chris and Chris.

Oh, did I mention?

I am on vacation again.

Seems that this old chicken b. forgot to take vacation during the year, and now has to gobble it up.

It’s not easy being a chicken butt.  You don’t know how it feels, when your feathers get ruffled and you hang out in gin mills, trying to cross the road and pass the bar.

Ok, kids.

6 days off….

Oh boy.

Here she comes again….. dancing neath the starry skies.



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