Strange day, yesterday was.

Day 1 of vacation.

Dilly dallied around, waiting for UPS, but, that didn’t happen.

Multiple accidents on the interstate and wintry weather made it unlikely that I would see a UPS truck up in these hills.

The cats sensed something was a little off.

They are not used to seeing me all day.

They took advantage of it and bugged the %#%%#^#@#^% out of me from morning til night.

Phone:  Eye glasses are ready for pickup.

Not in this weather.

Cable went out.

Ok, so no TV, just me, and the cats.

Silent night. Holy night?

Just the sound of the rain and sleet against the windows.

Cat in and out at least 15 times.

I called it a night fairly early and slept until 9am.

I think I should do this more often.

Today the sun is shining.

I might even get dressed and venture out to do something very important:

You guessed it:  Pick up more cat food.

I can’t help but chuckle when I think of how easily I am entertained.

What a hoot.

Ain’t life grand?







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