For the 4th season, it is holding true to form.

Snow, mixed with rain and sleet.

Temps holding right around 30 degrees.

Ice expected later.

Yeah. Ok.

Another winter is here.

So pretty if you are into frozen landscapes.

Not so great if you have to venture out.

I have always thought that it just could not be a coincidence that Christmas was in the darkest month of the year.

The twinkling lights make it seem magical, somehow alleviating the dark days and nights.

For me, well, I have never really been happy on Christmas.

Not so sure why, but even, as a child, I would escape from all the relatives and partying, to retreat, upstairs, crying.

There are just some things that  are too emotional for me.

The singing of the National Anthem.

A wedding.

A funeral.

A parade.

A graduation.

Midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Christmas Caroling.

Oh there are so many more.

I guess I am just a softie.


Don’t tell anyone.

I am really not the person I seem to be.

Yes, I am a Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Or is it a sheep in Wolf’s clothing?

Whoever I am, and whoever you are, let’s just be that.

It’s ok.





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