So,  there comes a time when we have to say goodbye.

And, of course, when we had the courage to say hello.

I think hello is more difficult.

We don’t know what we are getting into.

A stranger, perhaps.

A chance meeting.

A friend of a friend.

Sometimes it clicks.

Sometimes, it doesn’t.

But when it does, the feelings are warm and friendly.

It goes on for awhile.

Maybe for years.

But there is always that moment when it is time to say goodbye.

For awhile, it feels like the loss has left a hole in one’s heart.

It just will never be the same.

The beloved routine of meeting, greeting, laughing, sharing, caring, is gone.

May I change my opinion?

Saying goodbye is more difficult.

But, then again, only if we have allowed ourselves to say hello once upon a time.

I know, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it goes on and on, as long as we live.

When we feel a loss, we think it will never be the same.

Until, of course, we open our hearts to accept those who happen to cross our paths.

Oh life! You are wonderful, beautiful and tragic.

But it is all we have.


Good bye.

It is inevitable.

But the memories linger on.






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