Another ordinary Tuesday?

Well….. not really.


“Oh wow!”

All I did was open one eye.

He was staring at me, waiting for a sign that I was awake.

And then he started with the “oh wows”.

Reluctantly I arose from a crazy nightmarish sleep, only to realize that it was the dreaded garbage pick up day.

After several cat feedings, I gathered my thoughts, garbage bags and coffee and headed out.

Frozen windshields and driveway.

Quite a chilly start.

Then the work day began.

Oh yeah.

Time flies when the multiple tasking begins.

In a twinkling of an eye, it was pot luck time and team building time.

Oh my!

Fatima stole the show with her dancing in the dark, blind folded.

Hey, that’s another story, for another time.

The afternoon unfolded into the twilight zone, with overload and impossibilities.

No wonder I drink.


On my way home, had to stop, to have a respite, to try out my new phone, to just kick back before getting the courage to face the Oh Wow cat and the little beast from hell, Puff Daddy.

Home now.

Yes, they have had dinner, twice, already, in 30 minutes.

I am such a softie around these 2 manipulators.

Oh well.

Oh wow.

Hey, I am beginning to sound like them.

They have managed to do something that no one else could do:  Control this old girl.

I restrict my activities in my life because these 2 goofy cats own me.


It’s ok.

P Daddy and I played with her toys tonight, and Half Pint ate 3 cans of food before he climbed into my side of the bed.

Cats:  They are something else.

It’s such a love/hate relationship that we have.

And who else would be so complimentary whenever I put out a meal?

Oh Wow!

It makes my day.




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