Oh no!

Anna Banana is on vacation, and there are issues arising!

Ok, I will try to handle.




Near miss.


Is that you, Banana?

On her vacation, the Banana rises to the top of the morning, and takes control of the reports, the conversions, the pre media stuff, while the Wolf lets out a sigh of relief.

Excuse me, but I must say this : Thank goodness there are those who like detail and behind the scenes set ups.

And then, there are those who are all about visions and missions.

But… for me?

Hey kids!

What’s up?

Can I help you?

Let’s talk.

And all that jazz.

I have always believed that world class organizations, tap the talent of their associates and let them do what they do best.

For me?

I prefer one on one.

Let’s get it all out, on the table and compromise.

For others?

They just fix it, or they just do it.

If you want to measure excellence, look at Dana, Mary, Higinio, Annie, Ron, Phil, Tom, Karen, Andy, Barb, Pat, Oz, Sheila, Agnes, Larissa, Nancy, Tati, Jazz, Yazmine, Scott, Beav, Bruce, Rick, Chris, Tony, Cody, Cindy, Missy, George, Kat, Donna, Gina, Liz, Sandy, YiDalia, Carmen, Robert, Renee, Jimmy, Little Ruthie, Heather, Tim, Lizzie, Donnie, Amber, Larissa, Lisa, Carol Ann, Greg, Gaby, Zack, Cheryl, Milly, Kim, Terry, Rachael, Michelle, Lucy, Kelly, Eric, Jerome, Floyd…..

Yes, I could go on and on.

It is a pleasure to work with these, and so many others.

But tonight, hey! Banana!


You are something else!





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