Brutal temps.

Ridiculous winds.

Time to add an extra heating element to the bed room.

Yes, the little heater I used when the furnace broke down.

But back then, the temps hovered around 35 degrees.

Last night?


Maybe 12 degrees?

And winds that defied reason.

When I jumped into bed, the Oh Wow cat followed.

For the first time in history, that cat stretched out next to me and slept the sleep of an angel.


We overslept.

I rarely set an alarm, as I have the Oh Wow cat who wakes me at 5am.

Not this morning.


Oh great!

No time for coffee.

Just time enough to get ready for work, feed the beasts and head out.

I felt guilty all day.

I was in a very warm office environment.

I wondered how those 2 little fur balls were doing in the old creaky house.

I should have known better.

They were fine.

Just hungry.

Tonight, the heater is going strong.

I hope Puff decides to join the Oh Wow Cat and me.

There is something about hanging out with cats that makes even a bitterly cold night a joy.






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