5am: Saturday:

Ping! Ping! Ping!

Yes, freezing rain and sleet.

Reluctantly, the 3 of us got up to check it out.

The Oh Wow cat went out in it for about 3 minutes, while Puff Daddy ate her first breakfast and we all went back to bed.

1030am:  The sound of a plow.

Hey, the driveway is plowed.

My neighbor is so thoughtful.

However, it is still raining and it looks mighty icy.

The Oh Wow, or OW, as I shall refer to him, went out once again. This time for 4 minutes.

Another feeding frenzy and the 3 of us went back to bed.

At 5pm, I am up again, feeding you know who.

OW is out. I expect him in about 6 minutes, since the temperature is slightly higher.

I had a festive meal of kettle corn and lefse, and a beer.

When the weather is frightful, my appetite gets goofy.

This is the first Saturday, or any day, for that matter, in many moons, that I have not ventured out to raise havoc.

Maybe winter has a hidden agenda:  to force us to stay put and rest once in a while, to catch up on our beauty sleep and bond with the wee beasties.

I wish OW would hurry up.

I have the heater on in the bedroom and I am ready for my 3rd nap.

At this rate, I will be as gorgeous as sleeping beauty tomorrow.




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